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Popular Payment Methods

In order to play online casinos, you need to make a deposit. Luckily for you, there are a ton of different payment methods out there to use. These can include eWallets, cards, prepaid options and more! Here are some of the most popular casino payment methods available today.

How to play Online Roulette

Roulette is fundamentally a simple game. There is a rotating wheel with 37 or 38 slots in it, numbers 1-36 as well as a 0 and a 00 space in North America. They are split into 18 red and 18 black with the 0 and 00 in green with a small ball sent spinning around the wheel to land in one of the slots to denote which is the winning number. 

You can place tokens on these to place a bet on any number that you hope the ball will land on but there are also a lot of other bets that can be made on the board that we will discuss in more detail below. These allow bettors more of a range of markets rather than just trying to pick out a single number on each spin which is a much more difficult, but also higher paying, way of playing. 

It is easy to find a casino in Canada that offers roulette but there are some different variations. You should know what game you’re playing so that you are up to date on any slight rule tweaks and in the case of the two main wheel types, what sort of an edge that gives the house.

What are the online roulette variations?

  • American Roulette
  • European Roulette
  • Multi Ball Roulette
  • Multi Wheel Roulette

American Roulette

This is the one most commonly played across all of North America. There are 38 numbers on the board which includes both a 0 and a 00. This gives the house a bigger edge than it does in European roulette. It is calculated that this stands at a 5.26% edge that the house has over the player.

European Roulette

In European Roulette there are only 37 numbered slots as the wheels there have a single green 0. This means that the edge that the house has over players is much smaller than it is for those who play on an American roulette wheel. In the case of a European wheel, the edge that the house has over a player is 2.7%.

Multi Ball Roulette

As the name would suggest, this sees more than one ball in play around the wheel in each game. This is not a version that is found all that often but with twice as many chances to pick a winning number, it is always a popular variant at the casinos that do offer this to players.

Multi Wheel Roulette

This is an insane concept which is only found online as the room that is needed for multiple roulette wheels and croupiers all spinning at once would be huge. The bet that you make is the same one across all of the number of wheels that are in play. In theory, you could win on every single wheel at once but also lose on every single wheel at once!

Roulette Games - The bet types and payouts

To play roulette, you need to know how you bet on the wheel as well as the payouts that are available if you pick a winner. There are 10 types of bets that you can place which are as follows:

  • Straight
  • Split
  • Street
  • Square
  • Six Line
  • Colours
  • Dozens
  • Highs/Lows
  • Odds/Evens
  • Columns

Straight bet

A straight bet is where you place a bet on a single number. We see these all the time on the big screen, a stack of chips on a number that comes up to huge celebrations! The odds paid on a straight bet are 35-1 which makes it a very difficult bet to get up so don’t be fooled. 

Split bet

If you would like to cover two numbers that sit next door to one another either horizontally or vertically, you can place your bet on the line that separates them. This is what is known as a split bet. Your stake is split over the two numbers which pays out at odds of 17-1. 

Street Bet

A street refers to three numbers that are next door to one another, for example, one, two and three. You place your chip at the inner line of the first number in the street. The odds for a winner on this bet is 11-1.

Square Bet

This covers four different numbers with the chip placed where the lines cross with a portion of the chip ending up in four different sectors. You can place this to cover one, two, four and five for example which pays 8-1.

Six Line Bet

Following the same principle as a street bet, a six line bet covers all the numbers on two streets. So you would place a chip at the edge of the numbers, halfway between the two lines that you want to cover. Add your bet to cover part of numbers one and four to cover all eventualities from one to six. This pays 5-1.

Colours Bet

Besides the numbers, there are other betting options around the board which start with a colours bet. This is a great option for players who are new to the game. Pick either red or black for the ball to land on to be paid out at odds of 1-1.

Dozens Bet

There are 36 individual numbers on the board which splits perfectly into three lots of a dozen. For this bet, you place your token on the rectangles that are labelled 1st dozen, 2nd dozen or 3rd dozen which are represented by the numbers 1-12, 13-24 and 25-36 respectively and pay 2-1. 

Highs/Lows Bet

This splits the board in two with the bottom 1-18 being the low numbers and the high being 19-36. You can find these options at opposite ends of the column that also include the colours and odds/even and like them, this pays 1-1.

Odds/Evens Bet

Another bet that pays 1-1 and quite simply had the player betting on whether the ball will land in one of the 18 odd numbers on the board or one of the 18 even. This is also a nice easy place for a newcomer to play roulette, as it is easy to understand and has a relatively low turnover of funds.

Columns Bet

The final type of bet that you can place on roulette is a columns bet. This is similar to a street bet but uses the longer end of the board rather than the shorter one. There are three columns of numbers so a bet on the first column would pay 2-1 if the ball lands on one, four, seven, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 25, 28, 31 or 34.

Playing Live Roulette online

When it comes to playing roulette online you can choose from video roulette games or games that have a live croupier. The latter is the better option as you are able to interact with the other people who are virtually sitting around the table and your bets are not dependent on a computer algorithm determining what number comes up as the successful one. 

Most online casinos will have some sort of live roulette to play online to give you some of that Las Vegas feel of actually being sat at a table. Video roulette has its place for those who just want a quick game or two without having to wait for other players to make up their minds about placing their bets, but the live roulette is a different dimension and is generally far more fun to play.

Are there Free Roulette Games?

There are a lot of casinos that will allow you to play free roulette games online. These are the perfect games for you to search for if you want to play roulette for the first time. With free roulette games, you can practise without losing any real money which is ideal so that you can learn all of the basics.

It can also be good to play roulette just for the fun of the game rather than putting any money on the line to have a game. Sometimes it is easy to get carried away when we are playing games for money online and we can lose track of how much we are betting. Playing some free games is a good way of keeping control of your expenditure and as with all sports betting and casino games, it is important to gamble responsibly and only bet what you can afford to lose.

Roulette Casino Games: Tips and Tricks

A key part of having a bet is the desire to win. None of us have a bet with the aim of losing money so we are always looking to find an edge in whatever sport or casino game we are playing. While most casino games require a lot of luck to win in the long term given there is no form study like in sports, there are still some hints and tricks from pros that can help to make that small house edge as fine a margin as possible.

  • Never assume something is ‘due’
  • Find the right staking strategy and stick to it
  • Set both profit and loss limits for a session
  • Understand that all wheels are slightly different

Nothing is ever due

Every single spin of the roulette wheel is its own separate entity. What has happened before has zero bearing on what will happen the next time. If a black number has come up five times in a row, it does not mean that a red number is due next, nor does it mean that black is so hot that it will be the 6th black in a row. There will be strings of events through every session but it is important to understand the past has no effect on the future.

Find the right strategy

Those who stick to a strategy will do better in the long run than those who use more of a scattergun approach to roulette betting. Having a bet on 23, then on black, then 1st 12, then 37, then a six line bet is too random to make a long-term profit. You might well hit some big winning days but you are better off narrowing your bets down. This is the same with stakes, betting $10 on one hand then $5 then $20 is poor bankroll management. Keep stakes as level as you can on similar bets.

Set profit and loss limits

One of the biggest parts of playing roulette is knowing when to walk away. This is just as important when things are going well as it is when things are going poorly. Sometimes when you are on a winning streak you will feel invincible, this is a dangerous feeling and can often lead to a huge downturn in fortunes. 

Set a figure that you are happy with taking. If a $100 profit is a good figure for you then if you are lucky enough to get there in a session, leave the table, shut down the casino and enjoy your winnings. 

On the flip side of the coin, if your loss limit is $50 for a session, do not try to get back on top if you are $50 down. Everyone has losing days when betting and one of the hardest things is to know when to stop, call it a day and start again with a fresh slate. It is not enjoyable being behind on the day but it happens to everyone. Understand that, accept that and learn how to limit those losses to make sure that playing roulette remains fun.

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