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In order to play online casinos, you need to make a deposit. Luckily for you, there are a ton of different payment methods out there to use. These can include eWallets, cards, prepaid options and more! Here are some of the most popular casino payment methods available today.

What NFL odds are on offer?

Bet on NFL

The most important part of any bet on the NFL is the odds on offer. They might look a little confusing at first but they are very simple to understand. First off there are three main types of NFL odds that you will find on sports betting sites in Canada and you can change between them to find the easiest.

Decimal NFL odds

These are the easiest NFL odds to use as they tell you exactly what you are going to win, including your stake back. So odds of 3.0 mean that you will get $3 back for every $1 placed. For a newcomer to NFL betting, these are the odds that we would suggest you turn your Canadian betting site to if they are not already as they are the easiest to understand.  

American NFL odds

If you have visited a sportsbook in Vegas you will have seen these NFL odds or at a lot of the North American bookmakers that Canada has. These are displayed as a + or – number with a – denoted the favoured team. If a team is -200 for example, the bettor needs to place $2 to win $1. If the odds is +200 then you place $1 to win $2. These NFL odds are not as complicated as they can look at first.

Fractional NFL odds

These NFL odds are a UK thing so you will not see them often at betting sites in Canada. They are two numbers as a fraction made up of the returns reflected by the numerator and the stake as the denominator. You might see odds of 2/1 which means that for every $1 you place, you would win $2 back plus your stake. This is the same as 3.0 on decimal odds or +200 on American odds.

What bet markets will NFL odds be available?

Bet on NFL

When it comes to NFL odds, understanding the diverse betting markets is key. You’ll encounter popular odds like Moneyline, Line Spreads (handicaps), Points Over/Under, and exciting choices such as Prop Bets or Parlays. Additionally, many sports betting sites in Canada offer unique markets for each NFL game. Explore these options to enhance your bet on NFL and discover new possibilities ahead of every game.

Moneyline odds

This is the easiest NFL odds to start with if you are a novice NFL bettor. All you have to do with a money line bet is to find the winning team. One of the two teams will be the favourite and the other the underdog so they will have smaller and bigger NFL odds respectively. There are only two possible outcomes on a money line bet which makes it simple to understand. 

Points over/under odds

How many points will the two teams combine for in the game? That is the question that is asked by bookmakers for this bet on NFL. They will set a number for bettors, 44.5 for example, and it is up to the individual to decide if the game is going to have more points than the number set, so 45 or over in this case or fewer, which is 44 or below. 

Again, this is a simple bet for those without a lot of experience in NFL betting to do as a first step into looking at NFL odds. Take a look at the form of the two teams playing and how many points have been scored in their recent games to see what the strengths and weaknesses of the teams playing are. 

Line spreads odds

This NFL odds sometimes called handicap betting and is done by the sports betting sites in a bid to make the game more of a level playing field. The favoured team will give a theoretical headstart to the underdog which makes the decimal odds normally around the 1.91 mark on each team. 

If the Kansas City Chiefs are at home to the Carolina Panthers in the NFL playoffs, then for example, the spread might be 17.5 points or perhaps even more. This means that the Chiefs would need to win by 18 or more points to win the bet. If you back the Panthers and they lose by 17 points, your NFL bet is still a winner!

NFL prop bets

A NFL prop bet is placed on an occurrence happening within a game but you do not need to wait for the game to finish to land a winner. One of the most popular prop bets seen as part of the Super Bowl odds for example is on the opening coin toss to land on heads or tails. That might seem like a crazy bet to some but it is always a very popular market. 

Another NFL prop bet that is becoming increasingly popular is betting a certain player to score a touchdown in a game. This is often three separate bet markets being able to back a player to score the first or last touchdown as well as much shorter NFL odds for them to score a touchdown at any time. Prop bets can be done on yards thrown by the quarterback, receiving yards, rushing yards and even defensive players to get X number of tackles or a sack in the game. With NFL prop bets, the possibilities are huge.

NFL parlays

One of the more complicated NFL odds is a parlay where you have multiple selections in a bet, requiring them all to be successful to win. The most common NFL parlays are money line selections so you might try to pick the winner in each of the 1 pm games on a Sunday for example. They are much more difficult bets on NFL to win but the odds of reward are also far larger than on other bets which adds to their popularity with bettors.

NFL playoff odds - bet on the postseason

LeoVegas Free Bet

When the regular season is over and the calendar turns to January, it is time for the NFL playoff odds, the highlight of the season. All the hard work that has been done by the teams in the regular season means nothing if they cannot advance through the NFL playoffs with the ultimate aim of playing in the Super Bowl.

The best sports betting sites in Canada know how important this time is to bettors as well and will have their NFL playoff odds prominent on their sites trying to entice in the customers. This means that the margins are often in the bettor’s favour with betting sites competing on NFL odds to bring people to their site over their competitors.

Prior form is not always a good odds selection to which team is going to win in the NFL playoffs, many times in the past the underdogs have come out on top as there is no pressure on them while the pressure that there is on the favourite to perform gets too much to handle.

Taking advantage of NFL Super Bowl odds

The highlight of every NFL season is the Super Bowl. The game is one of the most anticipated of any sport worldwide over the year with betting on the NFL Super Bowl odds always one of the busiest times.

The volume of money means that the lines are moving around quite a lot so bettors need to be aware of the NFL Super Bowl odds changing rapidly as the money ebbs and flows on the selections. There are two weeks between the two championship games and the Super Bowl itself so if you are betting on the game, it is worth watching every day for the NFL odds that you want on the selection that you want to make.

There are future NFL Super Bowl odds for the following season from the end of the Super Bowl just played. Quite often, the odds are going to be as big as they are ever going to be at this point so it is another popular time for bettors to have a bet on the Super Bowl. 

Of course, there is a long wait at this point for the following year so only tie up betting money that you are willing to have sat there for a long time. The first odds come out before the draft so once the new players have been selected by their teams it is another good time to take a look at the NFL Super Bowl Odds. 

Where to find top NFL picks today?

From the first snap in the opening preseason game to the final one in the Super Bowl, there will be NFL picks today all over the internet for every game through the season. But how do you know which NFL tips are worth following and which aren’t?

With the NFL season being so short, it is hard to wait around and do a lot of due diligence on how the NFL picks from different tipsters are performing before you decide whether to follow or not. Any reputable tipster will have a profit and loss sheet or at least a record of what picks they have put up that win or lose.

The best way to use the NFL picks today is to have them supplement your own knowledge. If you want to place a bet on the NFL then you should know the sport well enough to be able to form an opinion of which team is going to win the game. 

Use that base knowledge first and then read some of the NFL picks today as the writeups that disagree with your prediction might have some nuggets of information that you did not know. If all the NFL picks that you find agree with you then the chances are that your selection is a good one to have a bet on. If so, choose one of our recommended sports betting sites in Canada, offering the best NFL odds on today’s top picks.

Betting on CFL odds

Although this is an article about betting on the NFL, we could not let it pass without a quick mention that the CFL also is very popular sport for betting sites in Canada with all of the same bets that you will see on the NFL available. With fewer teams and one more regular season game, there are some more bitter rivalries which should be considered before you place any bets on the CFL. 

You will be able to find the same bet markets on the CFL odds as we have laid out for the NFL above with all of the games having CFL odds up through the season from the opening games in June all the way through to the Grey Cup in November.

Tips for NFL betting in Canada

Any NFL bet aims to try and make a profit. To be able to do so requires plenty of patience in finding the right bets to have. First and foremost, you need to have a solid knowledge of the sport. That does not mean that you have to know every stat for every team but a solid understanding of the sport and the teams will make finding winning NFL bets easier.

Patience is the key when you are only betting singles. Wait for the right opportunities to come along at the NFL odds that you want to take. It is not easy to have that level of patience but the more selective that you are with making your NFL bets, the easier it will be to find winning selections.

Make sure that you have a budget and do not exceed it. Gambling is meant to be fun and the easiest way to keep it that way is to keep to that budget. If you have NFL betting losers in the lunchtime games on a Sunday, don’t chase in the afternoon and then the evening game. Take some time away to refresh and come back the next week. It is important never to bet more than you can afford to lose. Keep it fun and enjoy betting on the NFL odds.

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