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Welcome to the FatGambler About Us page. Here, you can discover in-depth insights into our team, our mission, and the valuable guidance we provide to enhance your online gaming experience. Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned player, our platform is designed to assist you every step of the way!

Canadian Online Casino Reviews

Who are we?

In a few words, we are a bunch of people passionate about safe and fun online gaming. Finding the best sites and deals online is what gets us going in the morning. Together we run FatGambler, where we aim to provide you with the best gambling guides that are clear and easy to understand — but fun to read too!

This means that we also want to produce the best About Us pages! Here we want to be open and honest and tell you that we are also a casino and betting affiliate site. You’re probably asking yourself what that means. It simply implies that we do get paid by casinos in various ways for mentioning them on our superb site. We get a revenue share if you click through a link. Companies also pay us a flat rate fee for listing a site.

But, and this is a big but, this doesn’t mean that we’ll recommend a poor casino just to get our hands on some cash. Far from it! That’s because we know that only by recommending the best will we be able to grow the FatGambler site. And by growing, we can help more people have fun when gaming online.

How did FatGambler come to be?

For many years, we’ve provided marketing solutions for a wide range of gambling firms. We figured we could put all that experience to good use, as we really wanted to create something a bit different. Therefore, we created a gambling guide that wasn’t just informative but would also entertain its users.

In short, we wanted the sort of site that we, ourselves would like to visit. Informative, but without boring you with all the jargon. We know that you’re here to play, not study. As a result, FatGambler was born!

What do we do?

Well, that’s probably the easiest question to answer on this marvellous About Us page. We carry out all the legwork searching out the best casinos, games, bonus deals and more. In short, we do all the hard work.

Our aim in life is to help Canadian players gamble smarter and play harder. We pick out the best online casino games at the hottest online casinos, so you’re offered the most impressive bonuses and promotions. That’s it, in a nutshell!

But we don’t just focus on the casinos. We know all gamers are different and have their own preferences. For this reason, the fantastic FatGambler team wants to connect you to the most rewarding casino sites based on your tastes.

To help us achieve this goal, we:

  • Write reviews of both established online casino sites and the new kids on the block that have just burst onto the Canadian gambling scene. Check out our New Casinos and Online Casinos sections to see what we mean.
  • Compare the most enticing online casino bonuses and offers available to Canadian players.
  • Help players to maximize bonuses.
  • Provide our opinion on new online slots, table games and live dealer casino games.
  • Give you the low down to help demystify important stuff like payment options, wagering requirements and betting odds in clear and easy-to-understand language.
  • Provide a news section where we update our visitors on the latest news.

FatGambler today and tomorrow

It’s only early days, nonetheless we’ve received plenty of compliments from industry folk and important people. Oh, and of course from you, our loyal users. It’s much appreciated, so keep those comments coming!

What next?

Well, we did the initial launch of FatGambler in Canada, and now we want to expand the site. We want to give more people the chance to benefit from all our hard work. To do this, we plan to start by moving into some new markets in Europe. So far we’re looking at Germany, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Together with our established Canadian site, we aim to increase FatGambler’s core markets. We hope that all casino players in these countries will find our site to be useful.

Emerging markets

Our goal is to ensure that FatGambler becomes a well-respected brand in the world of gambling. Thanks to all the care and attention that we put into finding the best that online gaming has to offer.

To achieve this, we already have our planned expansion into Europe. We are also keen to get into other new emerging markets, so there are likely to be some exciting opportunities to join our team.

Working with us!

Here at FatGambler, we have an awesome team of researchers, content writers, sales representatives, SEO and PPC experts. Together, we work hard to keep up with current trends in the Canadian online casino market and provide you with the most up-to-date information.

Besides scouring the internet for the next best casino and checking out the latest bonus offers, we also plan super fun team events. After all, all work and no play isn’t good for anyone!

Now that you know a bit more about us, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We will be more than happy to tell you more about our company and share our ideas with you. Contact us at hello@fatgambler.com. This may be the start of a great collaboration.

Useful information

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  • Email: hello@fatgambler.com
Canadian Online Casino Reviews

Our Goal

Here at FatGambler, our goal is simple. We want to provide the best online casino comparison tools in a fun, easy and charming way.

Canadian Online Casino Reviews

Future Plans

FatGambler’s plan is to become the pick of the bunch. We want to be the greatest online casino and betting guide in the universe. To get there, your feedback is paramount. So, let us know how you think we’re doing!