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Popular Payment Options

In order to get playing online, you need to make a deposit. Luckily for you, there are a ton of different payment methods out there for you to use. These can include eWallets, cards, prepaid options and more! Here are some of the most popular payment options available for you today.

Top online casinos that accept Mastercard

Playing in a Mastercard casino has a lot of benefits. But, as there are so many, you can encounter problems trying to spot the best one. So how do you choose between them? Well, we’ve compiled a list of the best online casinos that accept Mastercard, and you can take a look at them right here.

What is Mastercard?

Okay, so we’re pretty sure we don’t have to explain what Mastercard Canada actually is right? Fine, we’ll just have a quick look at this payment method.

Mastercard is a hugely popular card payment that can be used for both online and offline payments. What’s really great about it is that it is recognized and used worldwide. In fact, it’s one of the most accessible payment methods there is, so it’s a truly great option for casino deposits.

It’s also very safe and secure, which means that all payments you make will successfully make it to their final destination!

How to use Mastercard at online casinos

The best online casino Mastercard payments are straightforward, and transactions can be completed by following the steps below.

  1. Create an account at your chosen casino
  2. Provide all your personal details and confirm the account
  3. Go to the banking section and pick Mastercard Canada
  4. Type the deposit amount and provide all your card details
  5. Confirm the deposit
  6. Start playing online
  7. Win and go to the cashier section to make a withdrawal

Why use Mastercard?

Do you really need to ask this question? After all, this is a globally recognized brand! Okay, fine, so there are many reasons why you should actually use Mastercard for your online betting transactions. Of course, there are some advantages and disadvantages here too. They include the following.


Mastercard has many advantages, and we will cover all the top ones right here.

  • Good security
  • Credit card insurance
  • Gift cards available
  • Mobile verification
  • Speedy deposits


Sadly, not everything is perfect, and so is Mastercard. Here are some of the reasons you might want to avoid using this payment solution.

  • Slow payouts when claiming winnings
  • Credit card fees


So, for the most part, this is a card payment with no fees. This is definitely the case when it comes to debit cards but not always the case with credit cards. However, we’ve found that Canadian casinos tend not to add in fees from their side. Consequently, you may incur fees from your bank, so check that before making a transaction.

If you do get hit with fees, it’s likely because you’re using a credit card. Sometimes, the company treats this as a cash transaction or advance, which is why this happens. You can avoid this by using a debit card or playing at online casinos that accept prepaid Mastercard instead.

Transaction times

If you’ve ever used Mastercard to pay for anything online, you’ll know that it’s got a very speedy deposit time. Once you’ve put in all the details, those funds are in your bank account in minutes. Not so for withdrawals though. These do take longer with Mastercard and, in fact, can be anywhere from 2 to 5 days.


Using Mastercard either on the desktop or mobile version of your chosen casino is incredibly easy. And that’s because the process is exactly the same. Yes, you just need to input that huge long number on the card and some of the other card details to get the process rolling.

Excitingly, you can also bypass this incredibly annoying process by saving your card details on your web browser. Just hit the autofill button, and all of the details are added right away. It’s too easy!

And, if you need support, well, Mastercard has some of the best in the world (second to us, of course!). In all seriousness, they offer an excellent support system with speedy response times. You should check your bank’s support, too, as you may find you need them down the line as well.

Mastercard bonuses

Getting a good bonus in place is a really great way to start playing online. Mastercard casinos often have excellent bonuses that can be claimed when making a deposit. These bonuses can include match deposit bonuses, free spins, cashback deals or loyalty programs to name but a few. Interestingly, you’re not going to miss out on any of them, as Canadian casinos do not restrict Mastercard payments from claiming any offers. Rather, you might even find that you get a bigger bonus when you use this card payment!

Final thoughts

It doesn’t really matter where you are in the world, Mastercard is always a great payment option for online transactions. It’s very secure and has multiple security layers so that you won’t find unexpected payments going out of your account.

Additionally, deposits are quick, so you can get up and running online in no time at all. Okay, so the withdrawals are somewhat slower, but this is common across all payment methods. And, if you’re not desperate for your winnings, the slowness is a good thing because it’s all down to strict security.

There are minimal fees in place, and these only ramps up if you’re using a credit card, or you forget to set your preferred currency — you don’t want to get pinged by currency conversion fees.

To get the best out of it all, just have a look at the top Mastercard casinos Canada has to offer. It’s easy as we’ve listed them all right here!

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